Why UPC ?

We are...

  • Superior in honesty, integrity & excellence
  • Company was Certified and licensed
  • Provide effective, prompt service at a reasonable cost.
  • We go the extra mile to see our customers' needs are met.
  • We set and keep appointments and are flexible to our customers changing schedules and requests.
  • 24x7 (Monday-Sunday) emergency service
  • A large selection of modern pest management equipment
  • Environmentally friendly service options
  • Comprehensive pest proofing services
  • Well-trained, certified pest management professionals
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

United Pest Control professionals are held to the highest standard in the pest control industry. We live by ten core principles that guide us in all that we do. We believe so much in these principles that we display them right here publicly to ensure us that you, the customer, hold us accountable.

Our 10 Principles

Be Irreplaceable
Create "customers for life" by providing extra value as the industry leader.
Embrace Change
Drive new ideas with a sense of adventure.

Elevate the Tribe
Build a positive team and family spirit through kindness, respect, appreciation and loyalty.
Deliver "WOW"
Go the extra mile by exceeding expectations with every customer experience.

The Platinum Rule
Nourish relationships by treating customers and associates the way "they" want to be treated.
True North
Live by your moral compass exemplifying integrity, fairness, and trust.
The "Rudy" Principle
Be resolute exuding passion and determination; never, never, never give up.
All Ears on Deck
Listen, share, and collaborate ideas openly with customers and associates.

Sharpen the Saw
Improve yourself personally and professionally through continued education.
Celebrate Success
Encourage happiness through praise, incentives, activities, and friendship.