Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) Inspection

Asian gypsy moth (AGM) is a significant risk to forest resources and the highest agriculture risk non-native pest that can be carried on ship's superstructure. Far East Russia, Japan, Korea, and Northern China remain all countries where AGM is prevalent and where seasonal risk occurs It also should be noted that certification for all vessels coming to the United States from high risk areas for AGM will be required for the 2012 shipping season.

Offshore inspections are only one aspect of keeping Asian gypsy moth out of North America. Port of entry inspections by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have greatly increased over the last two years and provide quality assurance that offshore inspections and ship inspections by crew prior to arrival are being carried out in a satisfactory manner. As such, USDA strongly recommends that ships take advantage of AGM certification to reduce the chance of costly delays which can exceed $50,000 per day. In Noshes with certification have had major infestations that led to drastic actions and long delays. Ships with certification were not delayed for cargo offloading, even if they had a small number of egg masses.

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