Fumigation Services

We are a certified fumigation company
Fumigation offers almost 100% reduction of most target pest populations virtually overnight. When you need a fumigation performed safely and effectively. United Pest Control has the experience, equipment and manpower for the task. Over the past several years, our commercial fumigation professionals have fumigated everything ranging from antique clocks and furniture to food processing facilities over (20million cubic) million cubic.

Fumigation is a highly complex procedure that can only be performed by trained and experienced professionals. For fumigation services for grain or flour beetle, or whatever your fumigation needs may be United Pest Control can meet them.

We’ve successfully performed fumigations for:
  • Fumigation as per ISPM 15 standards.
  • Empty container fumigation
  • Cargo fumigation
  • Agricultural products fumigation
  • Ship holds fumigation
  • Warehouse fumigation
  • Timber treatment
  • Food processing machinery fumigation
  • Marine disinfestations
  • Rodent control
  • General insects and pest control
  • Anti-Fungal treatment for pallets used in export packing
  • Heat Treatment for wood packing materials
  • Air cargo fumigation
  • Commodities (tobacco, corn, rice, soybeans, wheat etc.)
For a free fumigation consultation, Contact United Pest Control Today! Take action and get Action United Pest Control offers commodity fumigations of all types. We go beyond requirements and safety regulations to ensure a superior standard is met, every time.

United Pest Control is a trusted fumigator with Years of experience. We know how to work quickly and efficiently, maintaining your product’s integrity while adhering to the strict regulations set forth for its import, export, distribution or sale. We comply with all rules and regulations, and we understand the governing laws and process, which allows us to perform a superior service each and every time.

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